Albany Business Centre Design Challenge: the details & more info

The idea is simple: we have an empty block next door that we need to develop and we want your input on what we can do with it to fully maximise it’s potential. We are looking for ideas and inspiration to build a new physical space that will facilitate, encourage and support new, small & micro business in our area. It needs to be a one stop shop: space to work, network, make things, take breaks from things and grow both as a founder/owner and as a business. If you can come up with a design or a concept of what you think will work best, not only could you win some cold hard cash for your submission, but you would also be changing the future of our whole community. Let’s start at the beginning.

What is the Albany Business Centre?

The Albany Business Centre (ABC) is a not for profit incubator and coworking space that is focused on giving new and small businesses the best possible start they can get by providing versatile spaces for very low rent. In a nutshell, our product is development: we give you the space at a cheap rate to develop your business, and through our networks and relationships, we give you the chance to develop yourself as a professional. The ABC will have been going for 20 years as of March this year, and between Business Great Southern who provide government funded guidance, workshops and advisory, we have managed to really make a difference in our community.

Albany Business Centre Design Challenge
Current Albany Business Centre Facilities

Why a Design Challenge?

Here are the ABC, we believe in the power of community and we are committed to empowering the community. Albany is a rural hub facing a huge variety of challenges and opportunities. We want to create an epi-centre for innovators, doers, thinkers, creators and dreamers. Collaboration and communication are ingredients for success and we figured if we are building something for our community, they are our most important stakeholder, so why not include them in the design process? There is also a huge amount of talent in the Great Southern and we love supporting local, so we are also opening this up to online competitors, so if getting to Albany for the event is not an option, participation can still happen.

What are we working with?

A rectangle that extends 27 metres out of our current fence, or the Orange Bit in the image below. We own the land in the Orange Bit so we know that we can build there the day we get the design confirmed. We don’t own the Blue Bit, but let’s just say it is currently filled with options, hopes, dreams and possibilities, so if you would like to feel free to include the Blue Bit as space to build your design on. If your concept is awesome enough, who knows, we may be able to get our people to talk to The Blue Bit’s people and get it turned into another Orange Bit?

p.s. the image below probably isn’t to scale, but we will have it marked out on Inspection Day.

Albany Business Centre Design Challenge Aerial View
We currently own the Orange Bit but the Blue Bit is the rest of the block, so we could *potentially* do something with it.

When, where & how?

The ABC Design Challenge is going to be run hackathon style, because let’s be honest, nothing gets the job done than a sub 48 hour deadline, right? Here are the details:

  • Location
  • Date & Time
    • Day 1: Friday, February 22, 2019
      • Site inspection from 3 pm
      • Registration at 5 pm
      • Challenge officially starts at 6 pm
    • Day 2: Saturday, February 23, 2019
      • Albany Business Centre 9 am to 5 pm
    • Day 3: Sunday, February 24, 2019
      • 9 am to 12 pm.
        • Submission deadline: 12 pm noon on Sunday 24/02/2019
      • 12 – 2 pm lunch & submission review
  • Registration 
    • Onsite competitors can sign up here and can expect an info pack by the end of January
      • Onsite competitors will have to be at the ABC for the opening and closing of the event, present all SitReps in person onsite at the times allocated and submit their concepts by 12pm noon on the Sunday online.
    • Online competitors can sign up here and can also expect an info pack by the end of January.
      • Online Competitors will have to check in on the Albany Business Centre Facebook page and contribute to SitReps in the comments section before uploading final submissions.
    • All tickets are on this Sticky Tickets page, so if you are interested in being a mentor, spectating or competing, check out your options here.

Albany Business Centre SignWe strive to provide holistic business support to our community

How do I keep up to date with announcements and news?

Head over to the Facebook event page for all the latest and greatest of what to look forward to during the ABC Design Challenge. If you would like more info, please email [email protected] or phone us on 98418477.