Aerial view of Albany Business Centre & primary focus of the ABC Design Challenge

below is an aerial image of our current facilities and the opportunities we have next door. Roughly 74 metres long and 27 metres wide, the Orange Bit in the aerial image below is the primary focus of the Albany Business Centre Design Challenge. As you can see, the current incubator and coworking facilities are at the top of the image and we are looking to expand further toward Mercer Road at the bottom of the image.

We don’t currently own the Blue Bit, but don’t let that put you off! If your concept overflows into the Blue Bit, go for it, that won’t disqualify you and we are always open to opportunities and possibilities. If your design is the bees knees, we could potentially use that as a conversation starter to see how we can include or procure the Blue Bit.

Don’t hold back with your concepts. If you would like to add extra access roads, build on or move the car parks or include community/zen gardens in your design go for it! We will take all designs, ideas and concepts into account. What can you include in your concept that will contribute to each and every future tenants life? If you think we need to be something more than a coworking and incubation space, then let us know and include that in your concept: do you think a shop front for all of the businesses at the Albany Business Centre is a good idea? Or do you think it’s integral to include a board room that can also be used as a space for exercise, networking and events?

Albany business Centre Design Challenge Aerial Image

We have a bunch of design inspiration on the Design Challenge event page, and we will be sharing tours of other coworking and incubator spaces that we think are doing it right. Come on over and connect with us.

If you haven’t heard of the Albany Business Centre Design Challenge, read this. If you would like to register as a participant, mentor or spectator, get your ticket here. If you would like to talk to a human, email [email protected] with your questions and she will phone you back or give you more info via email. Whatever suits you.