Albany Business Centre Design Challenge: Wrap Up

The Albany Business Centre Design Challenge happened over the weekend, and hoooo-weee! What a weekend it was! We had 18 challengers answer the call (8 onsite and 10 online) and the effort, attention to detail and big dreaming that happened in the 36 hours they had to work with was incredible. With 9 submissions put forward by the deadline, the number of qualified Unicorn Wranglers roaming the globe has increased significantly. Watch out world!

Ronice Preston, Rajiv Kurryah, Ryan Hill, Michael Dolphin, Becky Majidi, Catherin Bailey, Diana Burl, Ashley Whiting and Max Groszewski put in a tremendous effort! The design brief was really broad: create a space that will facilitate, promote and encourage business activities, keeping in mind that the more multipurpose space can be the better, and the more income streams that this space can bring in, the more we can serve the ABC community. With 36 hours to deliver on this, we were blown away by what our challengers put forward. Thank you for all of your time and effort, we really appreciate it and look forward to moving forward with this together.

Ros Holmes, Sally Malone, Jan van der Mescht, Jonothan Van Butzelaar and Hannes Bernhardt were our mentors over the weekend, providing great insight, knowledge and handy tips and inspiration. Thank you so much to all of our wonderful mentors for taking time out of your busy schedules to come and wrangle unicorns with us!

So, what’s next?

We will be showcasing the final submissions over the next week so you can see what we are talking about. As discussed this morning at our board meeting, the final submissions exceeded all expectations and have added considerably to the momentum for the expansion of the Albany Business Centre. The ball is rolling and expanding Albany’s business horizons is happening. It’s on like Donkey Kong and we. Cannot. Wait!

Here is the update on the Grand Prize: this morning our board members decided they couldn’t possibly make such a huge decision in one sitting, so they have taken all of the designs with them, and will be putting their decision forward on the 12th of March and the Grand Prize will be given on the 13th of March.

And then?

As soon as we have got a Best and Runner Up Design, we will start the process of finalizing the design that will be built on our next door block. While that is happening, we are going to be mapping out exactly what we are going to be doing, offering and facilitating with the new space. With that road map in hand, we will then start the funding research process. We will be reaching out to you, our community, again closer to the time, as expressions of interest or queries relating to “do you have a space that provides X, Y & Z” will help us in the funding process. (so if you are looking for space please contact Tracey on [email protected] and let’s start that conversation). We have said it before and we’ll say it again. We believe in the community, and we know that to move forward, we have to do so together. Think of it this way, it takes a village to raise a child. Your business is the child in this metaphor, and sometimes you may have to build the village, (which is what we are doing right now!).

Had something to add, but missed the boat?

Don’t stress, you didn’t actually miss the boat! If you had a design idea or a specific workspace that you are looking for, please write to us (at Tracey’s email address above) and let us know. Keep an eye out for the showcase posts: the first one will be up this evening!