Albany Business Centre Design Challengers: Meet your unicorn wranglers

We are one sleep out from the Albany Business Centre Design Challenge and we have got some more of the tribe to introduce you to.  Vicki and Tracey are part of the Albany Business Centre and Business Great Southern team, and over the weekend, they will also be there to give support, hand out chocolate and answer questions.

Vicki Brown

Vick has a degree in regional development and currently sits on the Business Innovation and Incubation board and she has been in traditional business incubator and business development for 20 years. She sure knows how to wrangle a unicorn! Plus, seeing as she’s been married to Farmer Brown for this long, she can also wrangle sheep, cows, kids and farmers without breaking a sweat. At work, you can fine Vicki sharing laughter, savvy business tips and great ideas at the ABC and out of work, you can find Vicki in front of an easel with her oils and brushes.

Tracey Bridges

Tracey is our newest team member. She has been in Albany for almost two years and came to us after spending five years in the Perth startup world.  When she isn’t building canvases and content calendars at work, she can be found spending her lunch breaks with all of the four-legged fluff balls at Jacky’s Clip ‘n Dip or adding to her indoor plant problem, I mean, collection at home. If you’re looking for help with social media, digital marketing or content planning and creation- Tracey can help you (when she doesn’t have pythons on her shoulders!).

If you see Vicki or Tracey and you have any questions or issues, please don’t be shy, pull them over and ask away.

Haven’t signed up for the Design Challenge yet? Don’t worry, you can do it right now!