GreenCube by Michael Dolphin

Michael Dolphin’s final submission for the Albany Business Centre Design Challenge is titled GreenCube and his inspiration drawn from wildlife, natural habitat and natural beauty shines through.

Michael’s Business evolved from a web and app development business to include wildlife photography as his passion and skills in the photographic world grew. Spending more time outdoors gave him a new found respect for native fauna and flora and with that, brought out a love for environmentally friendly workplaces that can exist without destroying existing natural habitats.

Carrying on with the green theme, Michael did extensive research into the right plants and trees that could be included in the space: trees that would be best for shade while not being extremely flammable.

His main goal was to design a visually appealing workspace that promotes a healthy mindset for tenants and remove the negative stigma surrounding bland workspaces (effectively reducing Sick Building Syndrome). Follow on outcomes could include a positive impact on surrounding wildlife and flora, increased productivity and stronger bonds between tenants.

Without further ado, please enjoy browsing through Michael’s justification and mock-ups of GreenCube. GreenCube by Michael Dolphin ABC Design Challenge