The Heliocentre by Bec Barton and Cathy Bailey: Albany Business Centre Design Challenge

This note says it all really:

“Hi Albany Business Centre,

I am submitting the entry from Verdant Engineering, even though it was Cathy Bailey who registered as a contestant. I am a structural engineer with a passion for building greener and more energy efficient buildings. I have recently moved to Albany, and am very much enjoying working here, along with Cathy, my drafty and assistant.

Our entry for the design challenge is called The Heliocentre, as it uses solar passive design to make the most of our sunny days. The pdf attached gives a description of some of the building features. For a more manoeuvrable view, have a look at the sketch up model here

The Heliocentre by Bec and Cathy really does embrace sustainability in terms of materials, design and energy.

With solar roof tiles for collecting solar energy, special materials for walls for greater insulation and an edible garden and rainwater collection- The Heliocentre is green and clean!

Having a massive glass wall brings all of the goodness of outside in without all of the weather. It was really interesting as a common theme throughout all of our submissions was green, embracing and including as much of the natural environment as possible and natural light. The Heliocentre By Bec Barton and Cathy Bailey Albany Business Centre Design Challenge