Holistic Health and Harley Davidsons: a most delightful combo

Chris is our newest Incubation Incrowder, and we are so happy to have her. Having moved into Office 4 almost a month ago, Chris converted it into her treatment room and has had steady bookings ever sinice. Providing holistic health care, Chris has a great set of skills that she uses to help and empower people of all ages and she has definitely brought the good vibes to the Albany Business Centre.


Chris Toovey Coworking Space Albany Business Centre Holistic Health
Chris in her treatment room AKA Office 4

In a nutshell, what is it that you do, Chris? I do Reikki, relaxation massage, hypnotherapy, neuro linguistic programming and time line transformations.

How did you find out about the Albany Business Centre? Through Facebook originally, someone else had shared your post. I clicked on your link, read all about it and I thought, this sounds perfect for what I need at the beginning of my business: To get started without having that big overhead!

What is your big hairy audacious dream for your holistic health business? I would like to build my business to being full time, and be able to help people if I can, and maintain a safe and quiet space for clients to come to.

What are you listening to at the moment? I’ve always got meditation music playing, hypnotherapy music playing or, I love medicine woman. It’s a relaxation CD, and it’s been out for a while, I really do love it.

Outside of your work, what do you spend time on? My happy place outside of work is on my Harley, I love riding my Harley! Otherwise, I love gardening and being with my animals. We’ve got two golden retrievers, a cat, a bearded dragon, my husband has a horse and we also have a 12 year old sheep called Lama. Going down to Peaceful Bay and spending time with friends and family is also something I love to do.

What is the best advice you have ever received in your life? Always work hard and always be honest in your work.

If someone was wanting to start out in holistic health, what would your advice be to them? Follow your heart and if you’ve already got a job and your juggling working and studying, keep reminding yourself it’s not forever.

What is something you are most proud of? I did swimming lessons at the age of 43! And also, during one of my courses, we were taught that fear is just an illusion, and in that course we had to break a board with our hands and do fire breathing. Danger is real, but fear is an illusion, and it’s fear that will hold you back. It was just to prove that we really can do anything that we set our minds to.

What achievement has surprised you the most in your journey so far? I’m proud that I followed my heart, and how everything has unfolded so beautifully, and that everything has turned out in well! And for anybody who wants to, it shows you can work full time, be a mum and study, be a housewife and be your own person, and you can do it if you really want to. And to know that all of that hard work will lead to something. And the juggling doesn’t last forever!

We are really excited for Chris as she has really worked hard to get where she is, and she is working even harder to take her business where she wants it to go. Check out Holistic Health, Body, Mind and Spirit on Facebook for more info or to book in with Chris.