Ideation Canvas: turning an idea into a Minimum Viable Product

Don’t over think it, don’t doubt yourself and don’t give up until you have tried and tested it. Why? Because quite often, these are the things that stand in the way of an idea becoming a business opportunity. Getting an idea out of your head and into the real world gives it space and time to develop and evolve. To ‘get it out’ can be quite overwhelming or intimidating, so we have built an ideation canvas that can help you with this process.

Ideation in 22 seconds


How to use this Ideation Canvas

  1. Set yourself a strict time limit & stick to it!
  2. Don’t overthink it (you’ve already done this while it’s been stuck in your head) and fill out the prompts in short sentences
  3. Take a picture of what you came up with or save a copy of it and do it again. You will see that each time you do it, the idea develops a little bit more.

What next in the ideation journey?

Have a powwow. Gather your sounding board (friends, family, colleagues or someone from Business Great Southern) and talk about it. Pitch the idea, float possible obstacles and see what solutions you and your sounding board come up with. After catching up, have another go at the Ideation Canvas, include some of the interesting points gathered from your powwow and identify what you have to do get it off the ground to test it.

Build it. Test it. Measure and observe. Learn. Repeat

Figure out what your minimum viable product (MVP) is going to be, create that, test it and gather feedback. Use that feedback to refine and improve your idea before re-releasing it into the wild as a fully fledged business. Not sure what an MVP is? Check out this awesome cartoon by Henrik Kniberg.


MVP in the ideation process
Image: Henrik Kniberg

We have put a Facebook album together with some of other resources from our Ideation Workshop, go over there and have a squiz! If you have an idea that you want to work on, book in with us on 98418477 or email us on [email protected]