Ivy League by Becky Majidi

Becky Majidi has an eye for detail, design and incorporating greenery into an adaptive space. For her Albany Business Centre Design Challenge submission, Becky shared her concept of The Ivy League, a space that embraced the idea that one space could have 1000 uses and could serve more than just the business community.

Albany Business Centre Design Challenge Becky Majidi

An innovation hub, a community event, a training session or a business expo, Ivy League could handle it all. This could be achieved with high ceilings and a grid system that would enable you to adapt the space from above and all the furniture on casters, space below can also be versatile and agile.

Becky’s focus on creating opportunities for people to participate in or contribute to (through community projects and social engagements) would be a great start to building a community. Being able to use green spaces indoors would also mean creating more income streams for the Albany Business Centre to rely on.

Have a look at Becky’s entire submission here: Design Challenge Powerpoint Presentation – Becky Majidi