The Growing Place by Max Groszewski

From Albany originally, Max is now in the big smoke adding to his arsenal of design and creative tools. With a Cert IV in Residential Building Drafting and a background in visual art and arts events, Max is now studying mechanical engineering to take his design to the next level. From murals to working house plans, Max is your man!

Max was taking part as an online challenger and the distance didn’t matter at all! With regular online checkins and video SitReps sent in it really felt like he was just next door. Thanks for getting into it Max!

With an aim of providing small businesses in the community a place to grow, Max focused on creating functional individual spaces and thoughtful common places. We spend so much of our time at work, why not make it a nice place to be?

With a Living Space, a Thinking Space and a Make Space, Max made the most of the 2000sqm that were on offer. Below is an example of one of Max’s hand sketches, but for the full submission, check The Growing Place out here: Max ABCDC

Max Groszewski Albany Business Centre Design Challenge