The Nest by Diana Burl and Cathy Bailey: ABC Design Challenge

Between the Unicorn Drawer AKA Diana Burl and the Unicorn Descriptor AKA Cathy Bailey, this duo did an incredible job paying attention to detail and communicating it clearly within such a tight time frame.

The Nest is a multi-story design that again, incorporates nature, open spaces, natural light and most importantly fun! Working a biophilic design, Diana and Cathy wanted to translate the calm, creative, happy and healthy side effects of being in nature into their workspace.

Rooftop gardens, water features, natural wall dividers and using bamboo and wood within the design would take away from the cold concrete feel of most buildings. By including this, well-being, productivity and creativity should all be on the up!

Taking into life’s changes and pivots and adaptations businesses need to take, flexibility and staging was included in the through process, so the nest could evolve as the Business Centre needed it to.

Some of the aspects of Diana and Cathy’s spaces included the following:

  • The Canopy, a rooftop chillout area with exercise machines, massage charis, shower block and a TV/projector for rooftop movies.
  • A grounding chair, unicorn chairs and dinosaur chairs.
  • Children’s play area
  • Fireman’s pole as a fun way of getting down from the roof (along with a lift for those who enjoy a more sedate descent).

Diana brought in her drafting desk and set herself up in the corner of our training room, it was wonderful to see the many layers of the nest appear in front of our eyes.

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