Albany Business Centre Design Challenge Timeline of events

Okey dokey big thinkers, dreamers and doers! So glad you’re here and ready to get your (out of the box) thinking caps on so you can create your concept of how we can really get some business activity and development happening. Here is a breakdown of what you can expect to happen at during the course of the Design Challenge. Fear not! We will feed you every now and then, we will support you and we will definitely keep you caffeinated.

Albany Business Centre Design Challenge Itinerary
Albany Business Centre Design Challenge Itinerary


Things to be aware of  while your thinking out of the box

  1. The winning submissions (read as: teams or individuals who will walk away with the dosh) will be announced later on in the first week of March or so. The prize giving on the last day of the Design Challenge will be for other awards.
  2. SitReps are not to be taken lightly. To be eligible to win, you have to contribute to every SitRep. Here’s how it will work: onsite challengers will come through to the The Bridge and give their SitRep (AKA Situation Report) and this will be live streamed onto Facebook, where online competitors will have to contribute their SitRep in the comments.
  3. Challengers can form teams on the day, build a team before hand or get to it as an individual. Team members of the canine variety may or may not get their team more points. <– let’s be serious! Of course they will get more points. They may have to stay at home, but if you bring include their picture of your team, then boom: cha-ching!


Things to do right now so you can get ready to think out of the box

  1. Head to our event page and hit going, keep an eye on it for inspiration and some info on what to expect
  2. Register RIGHT MEOW as an online competitor, or an onsite competitor or a mentor or a spectator. Seriously, we need you there!
  3. Stay tuned to the blog section of this website for info such as what we are going to feed you, who is going to be a mentor and other awesome stuff.
  4. If you have any other questions: contact Tracey on [email protected] and she can shed some more light on the design challenge.

Disclaimer: the over all winner may not be at the mercy of a points system, however, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t muster up as many pets as you can find to include as your ‘team members who are actively contributing from home’. We’re pet friendly here. And who knows, a fundamental element of a successful coworking space could be a puppy cuddle room? You tell us!