What’s on in 2019 at the Albany Business Centre

The end of 2018 is hurtling towards us at a breakneck pace and let’s be honest: it’s probably coming a little bit too quickly, but the reward of what’s in store for next year makes it manageable. Next year we are introducing some first for the Albany as a town, and the Albany Business Centre itself. So, let’s not pay any further attention to the fact the end of the year snuck up and hit us over the head with a Christmas tree, let’s look for the silver linings, shall we?


There’s silver in there, right?

So, what can you look forward to in 2019?

With everything, where we are now is good, but it’s where we are going that’s really important (and exciting!). Here is the express list of things you can look forward to next year:

  • Albany Business Centre Design Challenge
    A 43 hour design challenge where participants will submit concepts of how we can expand our services, facilities and spaces on the undeveloped block of land we own next door. The rules are simple: create something that promotes, facilitates and encourages business and have it uploaded by the deadline. This event will be open to online competitors too, so if you aren’t in Albany, you can still put yourself in the running to win $1000 bucks (if you come first) or $500 if you pull in second.
  • Coworking Space
    As of January next year we will have a tripdesk coworking space in the Albany Business Centre where you can hire a desk from $5 an hour that includes internet. This isn’t a Romeo & Juliet inspired love story, remember? so we aren’t going to lead you on like that.
  • Pitch Camp 2019
    An intensive course on how to pitch and idea, concept or method. Broken down into three, three hour sessions that will culminate in a Big Pitch Night with a panel, participants can expect to master their elevator pitch, one minute pitch and three minute pitch.
  • Hack Weekend
    Similar to the design challenge, we will be running a time sensitive hack weekend where we challenge participants to pitch ideas, form teams and create viable businesses in just over two days. We are still finalising prizes and sponsorship for this one, so if you would like to get on board, please contact Trace on 98418477.
  • Accelerate 2019 
    A six session accelerator program where we can take you from idea to product or business. We are pretty excited about this one as we will have some involved from folks from the startup scene in WA.
  • Coaching sessions
    Business Great Southern is based at the Albany Business Centre, so through them the community has access to government funded business advice, support and guidance. However, it doesn’t work on a bottomless coffee model: each person is only really able to access two free sessions. We decided we couldn’t leave you hanging, so we do offer coaching or training sessions at $88 an hour to extend access to our advisers. Bookings can be made by emailing [email protected]

2019 is shaping up to be a cracker (I told myself I wouldn’t do Christmas puns. I want to say I’m sorry, but I really don’t think I can!? Sorry, not sorry!?) and as you can see, we have a heap of things planned for next year, and not all of them are on that list, so please make sure you follow us on Facebook and Instagram. If you want to avoid the Christmas puns further, maybe only hit the follow button in January? But come on, who wouldn’t want to be present for those?